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The Hybrid Collection is a major, ongoing project that celebrates my First Nations and French colonial ancestry - a heritage shared by many Québecois and Canadians. 

My French ancestors include two of the first 300 colonists to arrive at Ville Marie (Montréal) and five of some 800 King’s Daughters (filles du roi) sent by Louis XIV to populate New France in the mid-1600s.

My First Nations ancestors were faceless women who formed unions with French coureurs de bois pushing west in search of furs.

The works in the collection are fashioned from historically important plant material ranging from the noble oak to the humble mullein - all harvested from my Outremont neighborhood.  By blending early textile art techniques familiar to both cultures (beading, embroidery, quilting) with modern scanning and printing technologies, I attempt to bridge the span of time.

Each piece is named after an ancestor and accompanied by a short biography.  The biographies reveal gaping holes in our knowledge of our First Nations forebears, a pattern of neglect and discrimination that continues to this day.