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Welcome to my website

I am a Montréal-based visual artist who uses plant material to create original works on paper. My art is rooted in my Métis heritage and my passion for the natural world, particularly plants.

My French ancestors were two of the first 300 colonists to arrive in Hochelaga (now Montréal) in the 1640s. My First Nations ancestors were women who formed unions with French “coureurs de bois” and “voyageurs” as they pushed west in search of furs. My Métis ancestors helped found the first Métis Nation in the Red River district of what is now Manitoba.

When I collect, sort, grade and then “preserve” plants as digital images, I re-enact my family’s seasonal harvesting rituals. When I use these images to make art, I celebrate plants as the basis of life on earth, salvage pieces of our family history, and address broader issues of Indigenous rights in 21st-century Canada.